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As we have already mentioned Patch Of Exile Hack is equipped in Auto-Bot as allows you to automatically manage your account. This will allow you to achieve high level and Get valuable items in fast time. Our Path Of Exile Hack it also has built-in Proxy and Anti-Hack So it is unlikely that program Anti-Ban “grinding gear games” lock your account. Remember to write to us in case of a problem here or on the Path of Exile Hack

Construction Path Of Exile hack

Untitled-300x228 Patch Of Exile Hack (Auto Bot)

Settings tab: Here you will find information about your account

Stats region: This is merely for informative purposes, it’ll show your char position, time botting, experience per hour earned, hp and mp, your character name and level and finally, the area you are hunting in, the status in there and your flasks.

Logs: This is one of the most important elements of settings tab. Since we are still in an early phase of Path Of Exile Hack, we’ll be facing numerous problems and bugs in which case, you’ll help us fix them by sending your logs. The information given by the logs will eventually be more specific

Untitled-300x228 Patch Of Exile Hack (Auto Bot)

Main tab: Everything related to the different options you have while botting will be here.

Maps Section: This region will help you decide where will your character will bot. How does it work? As you can see, there are 2 big squares; the one on the left will show all the maps available within selected Act and Difficulty. The square on the right will show the maps that you’ve selected for botting. In order to select/remove botting maps, you’ll have to use the buttons in the middle area (‘<<<‘:Remove maps | ‘>>>’: Add maps).

Routine: This section will allow you to chose between having a fixed area/map for botting or to have a scheduled map routine (which you chose in the maps region).

Auto: These are mostly options for you to have in case you get stuck at a map or your client crashes. Self explanatory.

Untitled-300x228 Patch Of Exile Hack (Auto Bot)

Botting tab: All the stuff related to combat will be here.

Combat: You’ll have a lot of options for your botting here! There’s an individual setup of each one of the skills you’ll be using. Each one of the skills can be set up in order to attack a different number of mobs, for example: I have Rallying Cry in my E and it’s set up to be cast at a mob pack that’s composed of 4 mobs or higher, while my “Q” is setup for Wrath aura, so I selected buff so GKExile won’t spam it but just activate it.

Default attack: This is your “left click” attack. Self explanatory.

  • Also we have options to ignore certain type of mobs that you consider not necessary for your botting journey, ignore Barel/Chests for faster area clearing or ignore Strongboxes for safety.
  • Lastly, we have flask options about how Path Of Exile Hack will use life/mana potions. In there also you can configure if and how Path Of Exile Hack will avoid mobs and if Path Of Exile Hack will quit to login screen bellow a minimum of HP&ES.

Untitled-300x228 Patch Of Exile Hack (Auto Bot)

 Item tab: Lotting, Storage, Sell things will be set up here.

Currency: It is really important for us to setup the difference between what we consider currency in PoE and the rest of the items that can be looted in game. Due to this, we put all the currency items in a specific region for you to chose if should be storaged or not. Those not storaged will be ignored by your botting char.

Loot: all the equips used by a character are here, you’ll decide which items you char will loot and whether it should sell them or not, depending on the item rarity.

Global setting: Some loot in PoE need special attention, like 6 linked items or recipe items, so here we have some settings that override all your options selected in the item tab. Also selecting “Pick unknown items and store in stash” enables Patch Of Exile Hack to pick new item types like league specific items etc..

We must clarify: Item tab will still continue under development so we can improve it’s functionality.

How to use our Path Of Exile Hack

Using Path Of Exile Hack was easier to use since upgrading. If you want to use our Path Of Exile Hack, just click on button start , before you click start, you must be logged in to the game. Once you have connected to your account, you will be taken to a window In which you will be able to use Patch Of Exile Hack

Path Of Exile Hack Dwonload


Name: Patch Of Exile Multi
Version: 1.5
Size: 5 MB
Total Downloads: 12857

Untitled-300x228 Patch Of Exile Hack (Auto Bot)

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